Testimonials — See what students are saying about working with Michael.

Michael Ingram is a gifted teacher. He begins wherever you are. He doesn’t believe there is one way to train voiceover talent. Let’s face it, we are all different. Each of us possess our own unique skills, as well as road blocks that prevent us from improving. Michael helps voice-over students become aware of these road blocks, and guides each person to become better a better voice actor.
— Jill S.
I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding lesson this afternoon. It was inspiring, informative and very helpful.
— Benjamin C.
Michael touches on really focusing on ‘who’ and ‘why’ and how to connect more to the script by being more of ‘you’, adding your personality to the delivery piece and connecting on a personal level ‘within.’
— Amanda S.
I credit my conversational style to Mr. Michael Ingram. So far, I have attended two of your classes and I am getting a much better handle on conversational copy reading. I have received several compliments on my good conversational style and Mr. Ingram is the reason why.
So thank you very much for being a teacher who can demonstrate voiceover techniques in real time. I learn best in this environment.
— Joe P.

Thank you for the great coaching sessions in September.The technique you taught me that transitioning from conversation to a narrative is a masterful process. I’m using it to practice.

I’ve learned so much from you. You are a great influence and source in my training.

Thank you again!
— Jessica T.