Use Skype, to learn Voice Over techniques, without leaving your home. Michael and his Master Teaching skills will guide your journey towards finding your real conversational voice. 

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As a SAG/AFTRA member who has narrated on and off camera in over 500 commercials, Michael brings a wealth of industry and teaching experience to all of his aspiring voice actor students. Michael’s credits include working side by side with a long list of industry titans, including Sanford Meisner, Susan Stroman,  Bob Fosse, Daryll Hickman, Phil Ramone, Robert Shaw, and others. His dramatic roles span the gamut of television, Broadway, and film from Orange is the New Black, Louie and the Sopranos to the original cast of Jekyll & Hyde, One Life to Live and most recently the Emmy Winning HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack” with Al Pacino.

Michael’s unique teaching philosophy puts you at the center of the learning process, using humor and the tenets of the Meisner technique to make the process fun and effective for each student. Using proven voice over techniques to encourage the voice actor to react naturally and spontaneously, every student is empowered to come alive through their own emotional life.

Michael is a graduate of Hofstra University on Vocal Scholarship, and holds a Masters degree in Music / Liberal Arts from Stonybrook University. He has earned 40 hours towards his doctorate. He is a qualified recording engineer and mixer and has been producing voiceover demos for over thirty years. His teaching style is truly unique and specialized for each participant. 

He currently lectures with a focus on voiceover reaction, and happily teaches these powerful techniques to private students around the globe in-person and via Skype.





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